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Hannah Montana - Banda Sonora

01. Best of Both Worlds (Hannah Montana)
02. Who Said (Hannah Montana)
03. This is the Life (Hannah Montana)
04. Pumpin' Up the Party Now (Hannah Montana)
05. If We Were a Movie (Hannah Montana)
06. Just Like You (Hannah Montana)
07. The Other Side of Me (Hannah Montana)
08. I Got Nerve (Hannah Montana)
09. Pop Princess (The Click Five)
10. She's no You (Jesse McCartney)
11. Find Yourself in You (Everlife)
12. Shining Star (B5)
13. I Learned from You (Miley Cyrus)
14. Best of Both Worlds (Karaoke)
15. Who Said (Karaoke)
16. This is the Life (Karaoke)
17. Pumpin' Up the Party (Karaoke)
18. If We Were a Movie (Karaoke)
19. Just Like You (Karaoke)
20. The Other Side of Me (Karaoke)
21. I Got Nerve (Karaoke)
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